Covid 19 Information

2020 ELBC Phase 2 Reopening
PHASE 2 BOWLING at ELBC: We have now completed the various signage and information pieces necessary for us to move to Phase 2. All of the Phase 2 protocol builds on the framework established during our Phase 1 Practice activities with added opportunities for us to move closer to a more competitive game atmosphere.
MEMBERSHIP: At the present time, it has been confirmed that we have 48 people who have completed all or part of the documentation required. Now that we have moved to Phase 2, we encourage all past members to consider joining us to enjoy the rest of the 2020 season. To those people who have joined, many of you have not signed the COVID declaration form which is a requirement of membership. Please try to submit this form to the club at your earliest convenience.
CLUB HOUSE/WASHROOMS: Phase 2 permits us to open the portion of our club house to allow access to the washrooms. To do this will require specific details and co-operation of all members to make sure that these areas are sanitized in accordance with Phase 2 protocol. Appropriate signage, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, etc will be provided to ensure that all areas are wiped after each individual use. Washroom usage will be limited to one person at a time. A red cone blocking the entrance to the washroom will indicate it is being used. After usage, move cone to the side with your foot.
MODIFIED GAME SELECTION: To help in the process of return to bowling and to keep within the allotted time for each session, OLBA have provided a number of games for two players to choose from. These games are attached below and any of these game formats can be used. These games allow for ONLY 2 PLAYERS on each green. Please pay particular attention to the Safety Tips.

BOWLING SESSION: Once again, there will be no drop-ins. Only paid up members who have signed up to play will be allowed entry. We will continue to use the schedule that we have used during Phase 1 practice sessions, a process that has worked out well. When it becomes evident that people wishing to bowl cannot register a time, we will need to start scheduling action on the other greens, and we hope that happens. Once again, if you do not have access to the web site, please call Gerry Admans at 519-471-1046 between 7pm-9pm and he will book your time.
BOWLS: Many of you have your bowls at home. For those who wish to pick up bowls from the club, you will need to do that just prior to your scheduled bowling time by arriving 15 minutes prior to your start time. We will follow the washroom protocol of one person at a time. Please consider taking bowls home; however, if this is not possible, bowls can be returned back to your locker, one person at a time. If you need to borrow a set of club bowls, this will be recorded by the club secretary and you will need to keep these bowls with you and return them at the end of the 2020 season. Please call to arrange this with Gerry Admans [519-471-1046].
MONITORS: As before, it is a requirement that entry and exit to ELBC grounds is under the supervision of a volunteer monitor/greeter. Each session requires at least one monitor to open the gate, prepare the equipment for playing and generally monitor activities of those participants to ensure that all aspects of OLBA directives are being followed, plus locking up at home time. Monitors are allowed to participate in bowling as well (two hats). It follows that without a volunteer monitor the gate will remain closed. We need to establish a list of volunteers who will agree to act in this capacity.Please call Gerry Admans [519-471-1046] if you could act in that capacity or to discuss.

Elmwood Lawn Bowling Club Bowler Expectations

❏ Pre-schedule when you would like to play (check club info for how to do so). Each session will be 90 minutes in length.
❏ There will be a maximum of 10 people allowed, which includes the monitor/greeter.
❏ Arrive no more than 5 minutes before your scheduled time, and leave promptly when you are finished.
❏ Practice physical distancing by staying a minimum of 2metres away from each other at all times.
❏ Use your own bowls. We will schedule times for you to come and pick yours up. If you need to borrow a set, you may take them home until further notice.
❏ There will be no benches to sit on.
❏ Scoreboards are not to be used during this time.
❏ Bring a towel to use as a mat.
❏ Do not handle the jacks but move with your foot only.
❏ Do not share equipment - measuring tape, clothes, etc.
❏ Do not shake hands or high five.
❏ Do not visit with other people; stick to your assigned rink and maintain physical distancing.
❏ Do not loiter before or after your assigned time.
❏ The clubhouse will be closed so you will have no access towashrooms or kitchen - bring your own water.
❏ Take home your own waste material.

Singles Game Practice and Training
● Use “physical distancing” with any other people at the club at all times - 2m and that
includes your opponent
● Go directly to your assigned rink.
  • Mats - each player will bring a personal towel/mat and only handle their own mat. The player who is to play first will lay “their” mat. At the completion of the end the player who laid the mat will pick up “their” mat. Both players will carry “their” mat to the other end
  • Jacks - there will be one jack at each end of the rink. The first to play will set the jack using their foot. When the end is complete, move the jack aside using foot
●There will be no benches or use of scoreboards during this time.
● Each player should place their bowls on opposite sides of the rink, in the corner. Do not
handle the other player’s bowls or mat.
● When a player is on the mat delivering, the other should stand at the corner of the rink.
where they have placed their bowls. Move to the mat when the opponent has returned
to their other corner.
● When walking to the other end of the rink, follow at a proper distance or walk up opposite
● Only one person should be in the head at a time (measuring is not allowed as this is a
training session).
● Remain on your assigned rink until you are ready to leave.
● The Monitor will announce when there are ten minutes left in the session.
● When finished play, gather your equipment and leave the club immediately

If you are feeling unwell, regardless of the symptoms, stay home.

2020 Membership and Waiver forms are attached below
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