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May 11, 2019 Opening Breakfast. We welcomed over 60 from the community.

May 31, 2019 morning jitney. 36 members out enjoying a beautiful day.

June 8, 2019 National Bowls Day fun Tournament. Many new members joined in the fun. No one knew how an end would be scored until it was over! The bowling was followed by a BBQ.  Click on:

June 20, 2019 AMG Funeral Home 75th tournament. AMG has sponsored an Elmwood tournament for 75 years. Dave Mullen, current owner of AMG attended a special luncheon, along with Debbie Pettit, and was presented a plaque in honour of the occasion, by President Jack Foote. Shan Maxwell, drawmaster, organized a great tournament despite the rainy weather.   Click on:

July 1, 2019 Canada Day jitneys and BBQ. 42 members dressed in red and white enjoyed a morning jitney, followed by a BBQ lunch. 24 stayed on for an afternoon jitney. The weather was perfect. Click on:

July 6, 2019 Brian Loubert Inclub Tournament. 24 members enjoyed an inclub tournament sponsored by Brian Loubert. His father, Nat, and his son, Chris are also Elmwood members. 3 generations! Click on:

July 17, 2019 Smith Herman Men's Pairs Interclub Tournament: 16 teams participated, despite the rainy, muggy weather. A hamburger lunch was enjoyed by all.

August 17-18, 2019 Events:  Kenehan Golden Singles Tournament, Aug 17.
Gathering on the Green, Aug 18 Click on:

Aug, 2019: Lyall Mix is on the Gold winning Canadian Championship 4's team


May 12, 2018 Opening Breakfast and Celebration:
At our opening breakfast, we congratulated Ron Jones for being inducted into the OLBA Hall of Fame, said Happy 90th birthday to Reg Gibbs, and congratulated Sandra & John Stevens and Joan Smith for many years of service on the ELBC board of directors. We also welcomed many visitors.

July 2, 2018 Canada Day Jitney Social

Aug 6, 2018 TDCT  (Wortley branch) inclub pairs tournament

Sept 6, 2018 AMG 74th Ladies Pairs interclub tournament

Sept 16, 2018: Paula Travers won the first provincial women's novice singles tournament in Ottawa

Sept 16, 2018: Open Doors London. Elmwood hosted 85 visitors. Some of our members dressed as FEMALE lawn bowlers in 1911 when our club first opened.

Oct 17, 2018: AGM: At our AGM, certificates of appreciation were presented by President Roger Pope to Jack Foote and Ron Bratti. Congratulations and thank you to Jack and Ron for many years of service to Elmwood LBC.

Dec 8, 2018: Christmas Party


May 13, 2017 Chelsey Park Opening Tournament
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June 3, 2017: Canada Bowls, Participaction 150 play list, London Majors try lawn bowling
June 17, 2017: Brian Loubert Tournament. This tournament was cancelled after it started, due to tornado warnings, lightning and heavy rainfall but here are the pictures before that happened.
June 22, 2017: AMG Funeral Home Ladies Pairs Interclub Tournament
July 6, 2017: Smith Herman Men's Pairs Interclub Tournament
July 8, 2017: Tony Clark Car Care Inclub tournament
July 21, 2017: Foot Clinic- Bentley Hearing Fun Night
Aug 3, 2017: Turner Drugs Interclub Open Pairs. Refreshments provided         by Richmond Woods Retirement Residence
Aug 7, 2017: Wortley Rd TD Canada Trust inclub mixed pairs tournament.
    Refreshments provided by Richmond Woods Retirement Residence
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Aug 26, 2017: Grandwood Park Retirement Residence inclub Tournament

Sept 16, 2017: Tuckey Hardware/Wortley Roadhouse closing inclub tournament

Dec 9, 2017: Christmas Party
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