Winter Events

Carpet Bowling

About 1972 indoor bowling was initiated at the Club.  In 1973 the Club applied for a New Horizons grant from the Federal Government which included $300 for an indoor carpet. Arrangements were made to rent the church hall on the corner of Wortley Road and Bruce Street on Thursday and Friday nights.  Because the arrangement was awkward, the bowling was moved to the clubhouse where it was left down all winter. Up until 1983 the carpet was used sporadically by a few members at a charge of 50 cents each.  In 1983, the women decided to get in on the carpet act.  It proved so popular that the following winter the teams increased to six playing Wednesday afternoons and Friday mornings. The following winter the teams increased to eight and Friday afternoons were added.
Then a time was set for practice bowling on Tuesday and Thursday mornings with six women playing. On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons six men practiced. And finally the battle of the sexes ensued with Ladies vs. Men.  Apparently no blood was let. Today, during the winter season, the Club is used every day except Saturdays and the indoor bowling produces significant revenue for the Club.

Monday bowlers 2019

Ladies League, 19-20

The Indoor Ladies League Schedule for 2019-2020 is attached below.

Sue Hessey,
Oct 31, 2019, 9:37 AM